When I Get Bored At Work, I Play Solitaire. This Waiter Does Something EPIC.

When this gets bored at work, he didn’t just text his friends or think about what time he was getting off. Instead, he did something so elaborate and creative, it should be considered a work of art. It’s possible that his job is driving him just a little bit insane, but the results are pretty epic.

It all started out with a typical order pad (quarter shown for scale).

Instead of wasting an entire sheet on one table, this server decided to re-use each piece of paper by writing small.

Really, really small.

Really, really, ridiculously small.

Seriously, did the same server write for the opening credits in Se7en?

He even began to get creative with it…

His level of talent and/or insanity is impressive.

Each of these works of art were created by writing down teeny, tiny orders.

You can probably let your jaw hit the floor now.

Get ready for this one…

Wait for it…

Boom. Best server’s order ticket ever.

Not only are each of his creations completely unique, but they’re also completed during downtime at work. WIN.

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