AGPtek® 2pcs Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie Spy Wrist Digital Watch Outdoor Travel

With 6km of range, the wristwatch walkie talkie can offer you the freedom to go anywhere and do anything–from weekend hiking to just hanging out at a mall. This wristwatch walkie talkie is lightweight, state-of-the-art communications devices, providing a new fashionable communication way to your daily life. This package comes with two wristwatch walkie talkies, 2 Li-ion batteries, 2 headsets, 2 chargers. To stay in contact with friends while camping, hiking, skiing or biking,this wristwatch walkie talkie can ensure your safety when cell phone signals fade and fall short.

Still holding a walkie talkie in your hand to communicate with your friends? No, you dont have to now! You can WEAR it just like a watch!

AGPtek® – is a registered trademark protected by the US Trademark Law. AGPtek® products are sold by authorized sellers only.


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