GATEWAY Educational Products – Ocean Wave Light Projector Speaker – 100% BRAND NEW! high quality

This product applies to the living room, bedroom or any space, reproduce the sparkling sea at any time a glorious natural beauty, allows you to feel as immersed in the deep sea calm and the sea embrace peace, creating a romantic, leisure and cozy atmosphere of the space to achieve physical and mental relaxation effect. It is also a small stereo, allows you to enjoy the beautiful environment, but also can enjoy the wonderful music.

Relaxing blue LED mimic the movement of ocean wavesPerfect for the bedroom, living room and more3.5mm audio jack and built-in speakersExcellent for parties or get-togethers
Can use 4 AA batteries or USB power (Battery not included)
Dimension: 5.3*5.3*5in (13.5*13.5*12.5cm)
Material: Plastic
Color: White With Blue
center button: Power
left button: Volume UP
right button: Volume DOWN
Internal speaker
3.5mm audio jack in


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